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「WOW3」Face Up

【The Features of WOW 3】By fully using advanced printing technology from Japan, WOW 3 has improved hi-resolution beyond previous Wow series. By using polycarbonate, now became more glass-like shine surface. In pursuit of stylish design, bezel on the both sides of WOW 3 became ultimately thinner than ever. “WOW” has....
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Your Favorite Card Special Edition

The legendary masterpiece, ‘Frozen in Time’ has now become even more miraculous.A photo frame with a picture is laid face down on the table.Let one of your audience pick a card out of a well mixed deck.Turn over the photo frame, and in the picture is the card chosen by your audience.
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Birthday Surprise

A performer picks up a card from a deck which is facing down. He turns the card and you find it is a birthday card that says “Happy Birthday.” You see closely to the card, and notice that there are only a fork and a plate but no cake. The performer flips the card down, then up again, a birthday cake is there on a plate.
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Standing Ovation

This trick could be more effective when performed after some other card tricks. Your audience picks one card. (Any card) The magician diagonally stands the box on the selected card. Proof that the box is really standing on the card by turning the card underneath. Then pull off the card that looks suspicious, but the box stays...
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[7 to 10] of 10 items