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Because it's blank, you can play with different phenomenon comes out of your own imagination.Only Wow Blankcan make your dreams and wishes come true!e.g. Perfect way to propose your lover, or to wish your friends good luck!Please demonstrate in various situations.
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One of the audience picks a card from a deck.Put the chosen card in a card case with its face down, and strike the case on the table.In a second, the color of the card’s back and the case changes.The color of other cards also changes.
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Frozen In Time 2.0 The Swedish touch

A magician with a prophecy envelop in his hand asks one of the spectators to name any full hour.In the envelop, there is a photo frame with an image of a clock that has been photographed earlier.The magician takes out the frame and show the image to the audience.The clock indicates the hour that was called by the spectator.
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