Birthday Surprise
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  • Birthday Surprise
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Cheers to the new magic that makes people not only surprised but


A performer picks up a card from a deck which is facing down. He turns the card and you find it is a birthday card that

says gHappy Birthday.h You see closely to the card, and notice that there are only a fork and a plate but no cake. The

performer flips the card down, then up again, a birthday cake is there on a plate.


This is a gaff card for birthday occasions, made from the inventorfs imagination to make it easy to gexpress onefs

feelings to a person in fronth by magic. Just as he desired, it requires no complex technique so a person just started

practicing card magic can perform easily. Design of the card is more like a regular birthday card seen in any store than

a magic product, which allows this magic to be performed very casually. Needless to say, a high quality is ensured even

for the professional use. This certainly is a tool for everyone from beginner to professional.

Find your own way and perform fancy. Tell your feelings on the special personfs birthday with Birthday Surprise.


This product contents an original 3D gaff card and a basic instructional notes only.

A Bicycle Rider back is required for a demonstration.