Your Favorite Card Special Edition
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  • Your Favorite Card Special Edition
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  • Katsuya Masuda
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  • $96.00

The legendary masterpiece, eFrozen in Timef has now become even more miraculous.

The story of fFrozen in Timef has become a legend when Katsuya Masuda performed this trick at a magic tournament on TV.

At his final battle, Masuda had only one more piece left to perform.

This one last piece was so amazing that it surprised all judges, audience, and the other magicians in the studio, and led him to victory. (TBS Kettei! M1 Grand Prix Saikyo Magician Taiketsu. January 2, 1998.)


A photo frame with a picture is laid face down on the table.

Let one of your audience pick a card out of a well mixed deck.

Turn over the photo frame, and in the picture is the card chosen by your audience.

A deck attached to this product will make it easy to perform the impossibility.

You can also perform this trick using words without deck.

Prophecy using photograph, which cannot be changed instantly, will bring a strong impact on your audience.

The photo frame is given a luxurious feel by thick and strong acrylic board, and four screws that are real and not just

decoration to hold it steady. The photograph is taken by a professional photographer.

This sophisticated piece can also work as an interior decor.

fYour Favorite Cardf is at the top class in its looks, theory, and structure.