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The performer shows a picture of a wine bottle and a glass. He introduces a piece of black paper and a punch. Then he punches a hole in the paper. He picks up a small circular piece dropped from the punch and explains that it looks like a real hole when it is placed on the photograph. When he makes a magical gesture, the circular...
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Awatenai! Awatenai!

The performer places a plastic wallet which contains a prediction on the table. Then a spectator chooses a card from the deck. The magician places it on top of the deck without showing its face. He opens the wallet to show the prediction card. A name of a card is cut out. The selected card is turned face up, but the prediction...
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The magician takes out a deck of cards that looks quite strange. A red deck of cards inside a red card case. Is crossed by a blue deck of cards He pulls out the blue deck and proves it to be a full deck. Then the performer pulls out the red deck from the case, which is also turned out to be a full deck.
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DaMasuda Deck

The selected card jumps out of the deck sideways. The spectator then examines the deck, bringing the trick to an unexpected ending!
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Dramatic Envelope

The magician explains that he made a prediction in the wallet. Then he introduces five ESP cards and have a spectator choose one from them. The performer takes out an envelope from the wallet and hand it to the volunteer. The prediction inside the envelope matches his selection.
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Collaboration Cube

Akira Fujii, who is universally famous for gThe greatest professional slight of hand artist in Japanh and Hideki Tani, who advocates the principle of climax-ism, both magicians are titled the winners of Atsukawa Award. One with incredible slight of hand talent, while the other is the trick creator, this Rubik's Cube magic is created by...
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Card cage

Product Introduction Based on the opening act performed at Third Atsukawa Award, the card routine has been recomposed with easier handling and one additional effect. This routine contains the following three effects, the selected card is captured, vanished, and reappears.The magician put the selected card (no force, also can be signed)...
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Q brake!

The audience picks a card, and place it back to the deck and then the magician spread the deck.Then the magician let the Turbo Q run above the spread, and the Turbo Q suddenly stops as if somebody slammed the brake on. The magician picks up the Turbo Q and one card is sticking to it. And of course, that card is the one...
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Stealth Deck

The spectator remembers one card from the shuffled deck and put it back face down, and square it up by himself. During this the magician is looking away all the time. Therefs no clue to find the selection from any angle, but the magician can tell the name of the selection without touching the deck. You can normally use this...
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Easy vanish

This is not a coin routine, but a versatile gimmick for coin tricks. Coin tricks usually require a long time of training. However, our new gimmick enables you to perform production,vanish, transportation, penetration and change effects without any tough sleights. Although this product is designed for novices and intermediate...
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[11 to 20] of 32 items