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The audience picks a card, and place it back to the deck and then the magician spread the deck.Then the magician

let the Turbo Q run above the spread, and the Turbo Q suddenly stops as if somebody slammed the brake on.

The magician picks up the Turbo Q and one card is sticking to it. And of course, that card is the one picked by

the audience.The magician offers audience to examine everything but nothing suspicious would be found.


In magic, if you want to stop some objects on the spread, usually gimmick works ONLY when the objects are

on the spread. Also, this kind of tricks usually requires specially gimmicked cards or apparatus, so very often

it was hard to let the audience examine everything. However, on this Q Brake!, you can show that one card is

clearly sticking to the Turbo Q and you can let your audience examine everything right after the trick is done.

You can leave the impression of "Turbo Q is sticking to the card" clearly to your audience, and this amplifies

the effect by showing the fact that "Turbo Q is not sticking anymore". With very clever handlings and psychological

misdirection prevents the gimmicks from being detected by the audience. You can perform it with confidence for

any kinds of audience.

Easy to carry, very easy, interesting, and very clean trick, Q Brake! Gives a wonderful spice to your card location routines.


1 Turbo Q, Gimmick, and explanation.

You can use your favorite deck of cards.

There are 10 kinds of Turbo Q and the package includes only one.